Have a direct advertising graphic in all our community newspapers, at a very low price per year! It’s important to have a presence in print. At a very reasonable price, our newspaper can reach the exact audience you want; right here in East & Downtown Toronto. Advertising in print brings so many customers to you, and that is what we are offering. We have expanded our paper to 305,000 copies seasonally, which will lead to the inquiring individual to see your ad and have a need for your product or service. We are the ONLY community newspaper that is professionally delivered to homes, apartments and businesses via CANADA POST! (BANNED!)

      If your presence is consistent in the community, customers will find you! Exposure is the key to success, think of your ad as a tax deductible investment in your business.

    Your Ward News promotes community involvement in civic affairs, focusing on politics and current events. Advertising rates are a small fraction compared to other community newspapers in and around the Greater Toronto Area.

    With sincere thanks, and genuine gratitude in advance for your consideration and participation. Please call and leave a message for our ads department at 647-748-4421.

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                                                                                         LeRoy St. Germaine, Publisher and Owner

Ask to speak with an advertising sales agent:

Phone: 647-748-4421