Alex Van Hamm conducts a compelling interview of Dr. James Sears,
discussing how he began trolling feminists 20 years ago, created the
character "Dimitri The Lover", became Editor-In-Chief of Your Ward News,
was the subject of multiple hate crime investigations, and is now a target
of Antifa terrorism. They also review Dr. Sears' vision for Canada and
humanity, including his creation of The New Constitution Party of Canada,
free speech vs hate speech, the "White Supremacist" myth, anti-white and
anti-Christian propaganda, Muslim and Jewish supremacism, bringing Muslims and Jews to Jesus Christ, and so much more!

Your Ward News Editor-In-Chief Dr. James Sears is interviewed by Sweden's Henrik Palmgren, host of "Red Ice Radio", the world's #1 online radio show.  Dr. Sears discusses the newspaper's battle against corrupt Cabinet Minister Judy Foote, along with a slew of other controversial topics, ranging from his personal battle against Marxism to his advocacy for male masculinity.

Bahman Yazdanfar interviews Your Ward News' Editor-In-Chief Dr. James Sears, on his background history, his anti-Marxist vision for the newspaper, his views on free speech, and the fine art of trolling Marxists.

Bahman Yazdanfar interviews Your Ward News'  Writer

Lawrence McCurry, on the recent controversy surrounding

accusations of "hate speech" against YWN.

Far-Right Canadian Nationalist Paul Fromm presents copies of

Your Ward News to "The Extremists Club" in London, England,

and discusses how Justin Trudeau's corrupt government banned

Canada Post from delivering our newspaper.