We published just a few of the letters
we received since the last edition.
Some were edited for brevity.
After being introduced to you on 680News I
expected to feel venomous hate but that
didn't happen at all. I see you as extremely
artistic, bright, sensible and a jolly good
writer. Am halfway through your paper and
have not come across “hate”. It was
wonderful how you used Yiddish so
frequently to add that desired colour in your
paper that only that language affords. So
good that you knew how homosexual Jewish
men are frowned upon and that homosexual
women are not. Many Jews don't know that!
Just maybe your paper has to have that
special slant that you are being accused of to
sell. My guess is that you are a fine person
who will someday fall head over heels in love
with a wonderful Jewish lady, lol! Am not
crazy about Germans for obvious reason but
am thoroughly enjoying eating German
Stollen! Keep writing and sharing.
Hélène, Toronto, ON
Jewish broads have always dug me, I
guess because I have a large Greek nose
and am mentally unhinged. There is a
sexual fetish called “race play” where
people act out racist fantasies. I have had
negresses request that I pretend to be a
slave master, and order them to do vile
things. Many a Jewish woman has asked
me to act out concentration camp
fantasies, even though I am not a blonde-
haired blue-eyed Aryan phenotype. I bet
that is your thing.
Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief
Please do NOT add me to your mailing list,
electronic or postal. And do NOT ever again
leave any copies of your infantile, hate-filled,
paranoid and psychotic RAG on our front
porch, at any season of the year whatsoever.
Albert Wingell, Toronto, ON
If I understand your hate-filled, psychotic,
infantile letter correctly, you are paranoid
about potentially receiving our paper
again. Got it.
Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief
You clearly didn't see my sign that said
"JUNK mail". And by junk, I mean
uneducated, short-sighted and uninformed
racist, misogynist trash. Keep your crap off
my porch. It belongs in the trash with your
readers. No one in Canada should receive it.
Your hate speech isn't welcome anywhere in
Jacqueline Court, Toronto, ON
Because of letters like yours, we are
inspired to continue delivery to Leslieville
in order to provide you and your ilk with
intellectual salvation.
Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief
Dude, you're a fucking joke. Your paper is
trash. It's not even well-written enough to be
offensive. It's just embarrassing garbage that
no one reads. You literally have idea what
you're talking about. I'm not remotely
"triggered”. I don't read your hilarious
bullshit. I did once about three years ago,
and now I throw it in the trash. You are a
complete joke, and don't remotely know what
"Marxist" even means, since you seem to
use the term for pretty much everyone.
Madeleine Donohue, Toronto, ON
You say that Your Ward News is
"embarrassing garbage that no one
reads". That statement PROVES you are
an ignorant, brainwashed Marxist. Either
you READ IT to come to that conclusion,
which contradicts your statement, or you
came to that conclusion WITHOUT
READING IT, which makes you an
alarmist liar. Also, if the paper is "not well
-written enough to be offensive", then
why are you offended? Personally, I think
you are just jealous because you are a
lowbrow actress and wannabe script
writer (I Googled you) while we receive
$500,000 per year of donations from anti-
Marxists, letting us print & disseminate
our truth tract to 305,000 homes whilst
simultaneously fighting multiple legal
actions from Marxist PARASITES like
you. Now please get off the computer and
do your job: submit to the needs of your
husband & children! REMEMBER: God
made man in his image & made woman to
serve man! God cloned Eve by choosing
the best part of Adam’s body to harvest
stem cells from: red marrow in his rib.
Genesis says God made Adam “fall into a
deep sleep and while he was sleeping
took one of the man’s ribs and then
closed up the place with flesh. Then the
Lord God made a woman from the rib.”
Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief
We love your little satirical publication here at
our seniors’ apartment complex. One of the
fellas distributes it to our flats and there are
always copies in the lounge. I am in hysterics
at some of the stuff and the cartoon photos,
brilliant! But what I liked the best is reading
the letters to the editor. It amazes me how
people can screw themselves into the ceiling
tiles over something meant to be humour.
They are the type that would get upset at Jeff
Dunham's puppet Achmed the Dead Muslim
Terrorist. Margarett just howls when she
reads the hotheads. Keep that section up!
We thought Ol' Doug our WWII veteran
would get mad at the Hitler stuff but
surprisingly enough he said that when they
landed at Juno beach if any of them knew
what Trudeau Sr. was going to do to Canada
a couple of decades later they would have
gotten right back on the landing craft.
David Simser, Etobicoke, ON
My father fought in WWII and before he
died he expressed the same regrets as
Doug. Hitler was right. We were on the
wrong side of the war. We should have
joined him in defeating the Soviets whose
ideology is now alive and well in Canada.
I would be honoured to visit your building
and shake hands with those that built
Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief
I just recently found out about your paper
through a friend, who said you were also on
trial for “hate” speech? He said the paper
was mailed, and Canada Post had banned it.
I didn't see anything particularly “hateful”
about it. I've been trying to put together a
group through Meetup for Conservatives and
have generally been slanting this way now
when I'm meeting new people. I come from a
former Soviet country, Poland. My mom
immediately said “Communism” when I told
her about all the political correctness stuff. I
do a few meetups along this line; I'm part of
the Libertarians and recently joined Jordan
Peterson, where I found out about this
magazine. I'm also very interested in how
this is affecting Europe.
Anna, Toronto, ON
The Marxist PARASITE infected Canada
in the late 60’s, under the direction of
then Justice Minister Pierre Trudeau. Our
entire body politic is badly diseased. It is
going to take people more people like you
and I to rally others to cure Canada’s ills.
Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief
I loved your response to the letter from
Karen Lee of London in your Fall 2018
edition. Her attitude is in the majority
unfortunately. She and her ilk are terribly,
shall we say, "Blue Pilled"? You are quite
right in defending National Socialism with a
few facts. It really is a pity more truth is not
available in the main--but we know why,
don't we Dr. Sears? Can't tell you how much
I enjoy your sizzling paper!
Stephen Yuill, Oshawa, ON
I was really shocked to find that people in
the highly German-Canadian 519 area
code were not “Red-Pilled” to the
Holohoax. Have they forgotten that the
city of Kitchener was originally Berlin,
Ontario, with the name changed due to
anti-German sentiment? Very sad!
Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief
I came across your joke of a mayoral
platform at www.VoteSears.com and I just
want you to know that you are the reason I
have no faith in humanity. Fuck you asshole,
get bent, suck an egg, I hope your son grows
up to be a decent person despite having a
dip-shit human spit-ball for a father. Stop
spewing your hate and misogyny you
coward. What is wrong with you? My coven
of feminist witches is located in your
backyard and we aren’t moving. Have a
shitty night. I don’t have time to entertain
assholes with my wit. P.S. I LOVE MY
PARASITE. Eat my uterine-lining soaked
tampons Jimmy.
Emma Smith, Toronto, ON
When my beautiful son is old enough, I
will let him read your degenerate letter so
he knows the type of demented shrews
that were permitted to wander the streets
before we fitted them with shock collars
and made them serve The Patriarchy.
Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief
"Canada Post Won't Deliver Your Ward
News ... But They'll Deliver Weed". I'm
guessing you already got this covered, but
this really shows the absolute state of
Canada under rule by the country's first
openly homosexual Prime Minister, Justin
Turdboy. It really shows the government's
priorities: gambling and drugs good; free
speech bad. Even if viewed from a
Libertarian perspective, where one might
argue that legalization is good, banning a
person and a newspaper operating within the
law from using the mail service, is simply
wrong. Hopefully in the next election,
Canadians are not too stoned and vote for
Turdboy again.
Lügen Press, Puslinch, ON
The book “Brave New World” warned us
about this type of dystopic society.
Cannabis and low-brow TV are today’s
“soma”, tranquilizing the masses so they
are oblivious to their enslavement.
Coming to that realization is the reason
why I snapped out of my Libertarian
phase and moved hard-right toward
Christian-based National Socialism.
Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief
Please send your letters to:
Dr. James Sears, Editor-In-Chief